Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Customatics' Final Hoorah

Monday July 19th will be my last performance with Lil' Bit & The Customatics...I've included a copy of the press release we sent out a few months ago below. Hope to see lots of folks out for our last hoorah!

"Howdy there friends,

It's been awhile - hope everyone has been in fine
shape out there! Sadly, this message will be filled with some news I know a lot
of you aren't expecting.

I've thought long and hard on how to share this
with everyone, and the best way seems to be short n'sweet. Coming up in July,
Lil' Bit & The Customatics will be playing our last show.

I've got some health issues that need to be handled, and I could really use a break. So
after 7 years together, I decided this would be the best time to do so - and
we'd be able to go out on a high note. I would like to return to music one day,
but I will be taking at least 6 months to a year off. And I still plan on
getting this album I've been working on out - though I'm not sure when.

The boys are still out there making music and I hope you'll all go out
and support them in their different endeavors. You can catch Tomcat now with his
own group: The Tomcat Miller Show, and Brian & Paul can be seen weekly with
the Barnburners.

I've said this over & over throughout the years and
I'll keep on saying it: I've been truly blessed and honored to share the stage
with these wonderfully talented guys, they are family to me and life won't be
same without The Customatics. I'll be eternally grateful for the opportunities
and experiences that have come my way involving them and former band members
Brent Warren, Steve James, Dave Crisci and Richie Alcorta. I'd like to send a
special shot out to the guys who filled in on occasion too - Ric Ramirez, Tony
Gloria, Shannon Marino, Mike Minnick and Jeremy Jacob. It's been a pleasure and
quite a wild ride.

I want to thank all of you
out there for the support you've given to me and the boys throughout the years.
Thank you for buying our music, listening to it, sharing it, dancin' to it. It
means the world to me that I got to live one of my biggest dreams for almost the
past decade. You've all made me feel like a true honky tonk star and I'll never
forget a moment.

Thanks to all the folks out there across the country who came out to see us on tour and took care of the band: Sweetpea, Sunshine, Dena & Kevin & Marley Abeyta, Beth & Mike Minnick, Sam Havens, Nick Bode, Julie & Mike, Trinnie & Herbie, The Skylark folks, Bender's, All our Colrado friends, Rainbow Bar, All our Norcal wine valley friends, Caspar Inn, Rocket Room, Chopper & Francis, Blue Suede News, VLV, Shake The Shack, The Cowgirl Hall Of Fame, Heights Community Center (Primordial Swing Dance Group) and all the other clubs out there that booked us, stations that played us, people that wrote about us, friends that hung out with & cooked us
dinner and gave us a spot to crash. You all made touring worthwhile.

Here in our homestate, I'd like also thank Angie & Joel and the
staff at Riley's Tavern, The Sam's Burger Joint crew and Polly Cox & The Mix
staff. Every spot here in Texas that gave us a stage to perform on. Jinelle
& Lucky Boyd at MyTexasMusic, Third Coast Music & KSYM (Jim Beal, Dave
Ludwig, Abigail, Joe & all the other DJs there), Bill Conner, Mattson and
everyone at KNBT, Sam Ash, Kathy & Shawn Rutledge, Andres & Babette for
all the pics & videos, Stacie & Scott Kimrey, Kymmi, Lauren, Ruby, Belle
& Jose, Lil' Jen & Alex, Brandon & his crew - the list goes on.

Thanks to our fellow bands out there too that we've gotten to play
alongside - Two Tons Of Steel, Rick Broussard & Two Hoots & A Holler
(thanks so much for France!), The Lost Bayou Ramblers, Sean Castillo & The
Hubcaps, Ruby Dee & The Snakehandlers, Shotgun Party, 1/2 Mile Combo, Hopped
Up, Wanda Jackson, Jesse Dayton, Mad Max & The Wild Ones - there's so many
to thank, but this is getting pretty long now. So if you're reading this and
don't see a mention, please know that you are very much included in my heartfelt

Thank you all soooo much, my life would have been so much
less if it hadn't been for every single one of you being in it. Hope to see you
sooner, rather than later.

-Lil' Bit"

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